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Chandrababu Said No To Pawan Suggestion

In interesting scene has been happening once in a while for the past four years in AP. Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan acts as a friend to the ruling party and comes before the people once in a while to say that he will never spare anyone if required.   He says that he will never hesitate to question the ruling party.  Let us keep aside how much commitment does Pawan Kalyan has.. but his words speak a different thing.  He says that everybody is equal to him but he acts soft on Chandrababu party.  He never likes to criticise him hard.

Chandrababu reportedly likes this attitude of Pawan Kalyan.   Babu likes it because Pawan claims that he will question anyone but he goes soft on Chandrababu.  Pawan comes out once in a while and talks about an issue and asks the government to solve it.. sometimes he fixes a deadline to the government and gives an ultimatum to the ruling party.  If we compare sharp criticism of others, Pawan's friendly ultimatums have never been a problem to Chandrababu.

Pawan followed the same procedure this time also. When Pawan demanded the government to stop the land acquisition from the unwilling farmers in Amaravati, Chandrababu immediately stopped the process.  Let us keep aside what happened later.. Chandrababu proves that how much he values Pawan suggestions.

But this time, for the first time Chandrababu said 'no' Pawan.  It is known that Pawan Kalyan visited Polavaram project on Thursday.  While speaking to the media during his visit he asked the government to come up with the expenditure figures.. and demanded a white paper.  If we compare Pawan's earlier demands on other issues, Pawan didn't trouble Chandrababu.   But still, Chandrababu can't accept those demands because he will land in deep trouble if he accepts his demands. That's the reason why Chandrababu responded within few hours like never before.

Chandrababu said that there is no need for a white paper on Polavaram because they are updating all the project details & the progress online.  He questioned Pawan that when the details are available online where is the need for a white paper?  Chandrababu rejected the Pawan suggestions like constituting all-party member team on Polavaram.  Chandrababu said that it is important to complete the works than constituting an all party member team.   '

He said that Pawan is thinking on one angle.. and Pawan's idea is to complete the project.  While talking about AP Opposition leader Jagan, he commented that opposition leader is thinking differently on this issue.   If we observe Chandrababu question that "Shall we constitute an all party team to make hungama at Delhi?" we will know that Chandrababu said a strict 'no' to Pawan's suggestions.

If we think why Chandrababu said 'no' to Pawan?.. the answer will be interesting.  Whether it is AP capital land acquisition issue.. Uddanam kidney ailments issue.. Aqua Food park issue in Godavari district..  Babu said Ok to all Pawan suggestions.  But this time the issue is related to Polavaram project.  If Chandrababu agrees to what Pawan demanded now.. he has to give several answers to the Central government as well as AP's main opposition.  So, Chandrababu thought that it is better to say 'no' without any obligation rather than agreeing it his demands and landing in troubles later.
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